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The Necessity of Mobile Windshield Repair Driving with a cracked windshield is dangerous for many reasons. Not only can it decrease the visibility of the driver, it can also pose a serious danger during a vehicle accident. We've thoroughly researched the dangers of getting behind the wheel of a car that has a cracked windshield and we were stunned by what we found out. We learned that a windshield plays an important part in helping to maintain the structural integrity of a vehicle and a damaged windshield weakens its stability during a collision. We started this blog so we could warn other drivers about this danger and inform them about the necessity of windshield repair.


What Is Car Windshield Chip Repair?

Windshield chip repair is the process of repairing a small crack or chip in your windshield. It's important to fix these chips because they can get larger and cause other problems, like making it hard to see out of your car. 

Chips occur when something hits the glass on your car's windshield and causes damage. The most common causes are rocks kicked up by other vehicles or objects thrown at cars by vandals. Chips can also happen when you drive into something like a tree branch that gets stuck in between two panes of glass on either side of your vehicle's front window frame (this happens more often than you might think).

The Repair Process

The repair process is fairly straightforward. First, a professional will need to remove the loose glass from around the chip. Then, a razor blade or sharp object is used to cut out any remaining pieces of the broken windshield that may be stuck in place. It is important that any other cracks or chips in other areas of your windshield are noted and avoided during this step.

Next comes filling in the chip with resin and curing it — this can be done by hand or with an ultraviolet light source. Once cured, you'll want to buff out any excess material so that it's flush with the surrounding glass on both sides of your car window before moving on with life as usual!

Maintenance and Repair of Car Windshields

You should inspect your windshield for chips and cracks regularly. If you see any damage, it is best to have it repaired immediately.

If you have a chip that is smaller than a quarter, you can probably repair it yourself. However, DIY repair comes with a higher risk of causing further damage. The repair kit will come with instructions on how to use it and what tools are needed for the job. If you don't feel comfortable doing this type of work yourself, take your vehicle to an auto glass shop where they will be able to do the job for you in less than an hour at little cost (or free if they are part of an insurance company).


The windshield is an important part of your car. It protects you from the elements, and it helps to keep you safe in an accident. If there is a chip or crack in your windshield, it should be repaired as soon as possible so that no further damage occurs.

Reach out to a company that offers windshield chip repair to learn more.