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The Necessity of Mobile Windshield Repair Driving with a cracked windshield is dangerous for many reasons. Not only can it decrease the visibility of the driver, it can also pose a serious danger during a vehicle accident. We've thoroughly researched the dangers of getting behind the wheel of a car that has a cracked windshield and we were stunned by what we found out. We learned that a windshield plays an important part in helping to maintain the structural integrity of a vehicle and a damaged windshield weakens its stability during a collision. We started this blog so we could warn other drivers about this danger and inform them about the necessity of windshield repair.


Signs Your Windshield Needs Replacement

Your windshield is essential for your vision and safety when driving. A damaged windscreen can block your vision and put your life at risk. Here are five signs that your car needs a windshield replacement 

Windshield Pitting

Glares or specks on your windscreen point to minor or extensive windshield pitting. Windscreen pitting occurs if you often drive on busy roads, exposing your car's windscreen to tons of flying debris like tiny rocks and loose gravel tossed by speeding trucks. Windshield pitting scatters light coming in your windscreen, blocking your vision. Further, a pitted windshield can worsen with time, leading to cracks. 

Blocked Vision

Small chips and cracks on your windscreen can be catastrophic. They compromise your view, especially during extreme weather conditions. You can also mistake the chip for another car in your blind spot, causing a car accident. The results of a compromised view can be frustrating while driving, and it's best to call in windshield replacement services.

Missing Pieces 

Car owners tend to patch up broken parts of their car windshield with clear tapes and other quick fixes for a few days before visiting an auto garage. However, your windshield is an essential safety feature in your car that you should never fix with tape. Your windscreen keeps you safe from flying debris. In addition, the windshield provides structural support to your car frame. Failure to find a windshield replacement for your damaged windshield can cause your vehicle's frame to sag. 

White Mist at the Edge of Your Windshield

Windshields are usually reinforced with Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) for safety. This special type of plastic prevents the windshield from shattering into large pieces that can cut occupants and passersby in case of a collision. However, when you notice a white mist at the edge of your windshield, this is a sign the reinforced plastic is separating from the auto glass. While this may appear harmless, it does expose you and your family to the risks of sharp glasses flying inwards in case of an accident. So do not take the chances, have your windshield replaced as soon as you spot a white haze at the edges of your windshield.

Your Vehicle's Safety Inspection Is Coming Up

If your windshield has a small crack and you have a vehicle inspection coming up. It's best to replace the windshield before the inspection. A faulty windshield could lead to a failed inspection.

Your windshield should be sturdy and free from any damage for your safety. Blocked view, evidence of pitting, missing pieces, and a white haze at the edges are signs you should call in windshield replacement services.